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When will I receive my strap-its?

All strap-its are shipped via United States Postal Service. Shipping is free within the

United States. Shipping takes 3-5 business days.


What kind of bra do I need for my strap-its?

You will need a strapless or convertible bra that has elastic loops. Then just hook

the clips through the loops and adjust to fit.  You can also take a bra of your choice to any

tailor and add an elastic loop to the inside of your bra.


How do I clean my strap-its?

All of our strap-its should be hand washed in cool to warm water in a mild soap solution.

Please air dry.


What are strap-its made of?

79% polyester and 21% spandex


What are  the strapless tanks and strapless bralettes made of?

92% nylon and 8% spandex


You can wear some of the strap-its many different ways

Conventional, halter, racer back


Are the strap-its supportive?

Yes, they can support all shapes and sizes.


What size are the bra straps?

Straps are between 13.5 and 15 inches.

All of our straps are adjustable to fit just about any size.


What sizes do the strapless tank tops and strapless bralettes come in?

The tank tops and bralettes are one size fits most.


Do the strapless tank tops and strapless bralettes come with straps?

No, straps are sold separately. Strapless tanks and strapless bralettes do require straps to wear.


How do you put the straps on the strapless tanks and strapless bralettes?

Hook the clips at the ends of the straps through the small loops that are attached to the

front and back of the strapless tanks and strapless bralettes. Easy, comfortable and supportive!!


Do you offer wholesale rates to retailers?

Yes, please call 201.988.6420 or email to discuss wholesale pricing.


* All Sales are Final

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